Stephen Gerard Dietemann


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Gelbard Residence

We were approached by the owners of an old ‘fishing and hunting cabin’ located on Lake Garfield in Monterey, Massachusetts, in 2019 to create a multi-generational lake-side retreat for the family’s use all year round.   In order to update the house for all-year use, a virtual re-build was required.  Rigorous town zoning regulations around structure, footprint, septic and building height influenced the design, but also helped direct it.  Two bedrooms were added, along with a new office space and a large, open living/dining/kitchen ‘great room’ were added as well, transforming the small, divided cabin into a gracious place to live.   Decks on the lake side, and a large boat dock on the lake, provided outdoor a real visual and useful connection to the beautiful lake to the south.

Work was completed in 2023.

Creating at the intersection of Art and Architecture