Stephen Gerard Dietemann


+ Art


These paintings are — like all the art I have made for the last twenty five years  — components of an ongoing ‘series’ that is continuously changing as my life changes and as I age.   Influenced by the work of artists as diverse as James McNeil Whistler, Edward Pinkham Ryder, Charles Birchfield, Paul Klee among many other, this work explores the twilight between night and day, consciousness and the unconscious, ‘nano’ space and outer space.   They are, in short, the landscapes of dreams.

This work is mostly tempera, chalk and watercolor on archival papers, and ranges in size from 12″x 12″ to 96″x 48″.

Work in this series has been displayed in the Katharina Rich Perlow Gallery at  both the Soho and 57th Street locations in New York.

Creating at the intersection of Art and Architecture