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I graduated from Cornell University’s College of Art, Architecture and Planning in 1976.  While the university may have seen art, architecture and planning as separate departments, I did not.  As far as I was concerned, they were all aspects of the same creative process.  After working with renowned Connecticut architects Victor Christ-Janer and Robert Furno for five years I acquired my license to practice architecture in Connecticut.    At that point I changed direction and returned to The School of Visual Arts to study painting, drawings, photography and sculpture.   For the next twenty five years I focused on the visual arts: my work was represented by galleries on 57th Street, the East Village  and in Soho in New York and elsewhere throughout the country.  My art work is in public and private collection around the world, including the Yale Museum of Fine Art in New Haven Ct.

In 1995 I returned my focus to residential design, but I brought all I had learned on my artistic search with me as I developed a playful, contemporary, low maintenance and energy-conscious design.  I believe that my designs have received numerous AIA awards for design excellence precisely because they emerge from my lifelong interest in the union of architecture and art.  My tenure as an elected member of the Town of Great Barrington’s Planning Board completed the process of finally bringing art, architecture and planning together and I currently serve on the Town of Great Barrington’s Design Advisory Committee.

I made a short video outlining my architectural process and philosophy by going to YouTube, typing in Stephen Gerard Dietemann architect, and playing ‘The Playful House’.

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Creating at the intersection of Art and Architecture